Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fashion Art: Part 4 (Inspiration)

·        Inspiration
Fashion Collages 
Fashion collages are a collection of images from books, magazines, photos, etc. that are gathered in a particular manner to form a layout.  Fashion collages can be used as inspiration to help in creating ideas for fashion designs or an entire fashion line.  You could also draw your sketches on the same paper as your collage.

o   Examples


Inspiration Boards (also called Mood Boards)
Inspiration boards/collages are a compilation of images posted on a flat surface (i.e., board, wall, paper, etc.) for the purpose of helping to inspire an artist or designer.  Most artists at one time or another experience creative block or artists block.  The inspiration boards can help spark the imagination of the artist & get their creative juices flowing again.  Making an inspiration board is just as important in the design process as the design itself.  Inspiration boards are a bit different than fashion collages.  While fashion collages are a collection of just fashion images, inspiration boards are a collection of several types of images not just central to fashion.  For instance, your inspiration board can be a destination, a type of food, or even a vehicle.

Below are a few examples of inspiration boards:

(L-R) Alice in Wonderland theme; Old Hollywood

(L-R) Industrial Zone; The Color Orange

Notice the most common theme in all of the inspiration boards is a color chart that coordinates with the theme of the board.  It is not mandatory to do so, but it is a good idea. 

Below are a few examples of fashion collages in the form of a fashion design.  This could be another way of exploring your creativity:


At the end of this course, you will have the opportunity to create your own inspiration board.

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