Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Welcome to my blog! As mentioned in the sidebar I am an artist, tutor, & most recently a blogger.  I have been an artist for many years.  The first time I've ever drawn anything was at the age of 5 and I never looked back.  Being an artist is something that I've always known I wanted to do since childhood.  Professionally, I pursued a career as a freelance illustrator for five years.  After those five years I reached a point in my life where I was no longer certain I wanted to be an artist anymore.  Due to a few setbacks in my life, I had reached a crossroads with my art career and I was quite confused about my next step.  It was at that moment of feeling perplexed that I decided to reach out and help aspiring artists to become better artists by tutoring; hence, the Perplexed Artist was born.  I can only hope that my former feelings of perplexity & minor setbacks will now influence and assist aspiring artists in their artistic endeavors.  I have created lesson plans with the purpose of teaching step-by-step how to draw the human form (face & body) and I may have a few extra surprises down the road.  For now, I just want to welcome all to my blog and I hope you will get as much from it as you can.  Feel free to contact me anytime or leave a comment.